4G Internet

Onega can help you make the most of the Internet with mobile and fixed 4G and Wimax Internet Connections.

One of the latest offerings which is good if you can get it is the UK Broadband Networks / Relish 4G Network. If you are in a good coverage zone then this will give you up to 50Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload at good quality and reliability for an unprecedented £30 a month for a business connection, or £35 a month with a static IP address (as generally needed if you host a server).

The coverage of the 4G network has recently increased, so that it is (from June 2015) as per the map below. Zoom in to see if you are covered.

4G makes an excellent backup (or sometimes even replacement for) an FTTC, Fibre Leased Line, or ADSL line.  If you have a ground-fed connection and workmen cut through cables outside your office, then the 4G network will keep you going when the traditional lines drop.

There is a coverage checker on the Relish website, but this we've found, is about as much use as knowing that Julius Caesar's third wife was called Calpurnia when you're in the middle of the Atlantic and your yacht is rapidly taking on water. From experience it will say you have no signal when you can get full coverage and vice versa.

So - have a look at the map, and UK BB will do a free trial (14 day no quibble return) on their 4G connections, so if it works great, if it does not, no worries. If it does work, then it can work out much cheaper than managed office network connectivity by a factor of as much as ten times or more, as it is not untypical for managed offices to charge £395 a month for a 5Mpbs connection, so if you can get 10 times the speed for 10% of the cost, what is not to like?

Onega can also help with Wimax, leased line, satellite and other 4G network connections as necessary and appropriate, but if you are covered well by Relish, then that is a good option and we can help you integrate this to your network. You can find out more on Relish at https://www1.relish.net/business

The Relish London Coverage Map as of June 2015: