Bintec Elmeg pbx

Onega have been installing and supporting Elmeg / Bintec /  Funkwerk phone systems from the original ICT46, ICT88, ICT880 PBX Digital Switchboards (which were ahead of their time and many still going strong), to the new Hybird 130, Hybird 300, and Hybird 600 PBX. 

Elmeg are based in Germany and make very solidly engineered phone systems. Once installed, they will run for years and years to give you all the features, benefits and economies of a modern phone communications platform. The PBXs provide great voice quality and advanced features like Auto Attendants, call distribution, hotel functions (relevant if you run a hotel) and Voicemail etc. They also support Analogue, Digital (ISDN) and IP (VOIP) connectivity to allow for future-proofing and multiple resilient connectivity options.

The new range were originally called the Hybird as a project name (as a corruption of Hybrid which is the PBX type that they are), but the name stuck. This seems to be a popular way of naming things these days as reflected by other examples such as the popular dating site Tind3r and the excellent  SynthPop band Chvrches (the latter's first album we highly recommend you enjoy on vinyl).

The Elmeg PBX range spans from the Hybird 120 which is ideal for small offices through to the rack mount Hybird 600 which can handle up to 120 users / phone connections for established businesses or hotels.

Hybird Setup Video:

We produced a short video in house for our engineers to introduce and run through some of the configuration elements of the Hybird phone system as the interface is now a friendly set of web configuration screens which are a good progression from the Elmeg Wintools Windows software that was used for the older systems. You still need to know what you are doing, but if you understand the basic concepts of PBXs configuration and routing then this video helps with some of the Elmeg Hybird specifics as well as some best practice for configuring backups and updating firmware etc. We thought we'd share this with the world to be helpful. We believe in demystifying IT and comms wherever possible as part of our ethos, but as always - if you're unsure of the implications of something you may wish to attempt yourself, call us first to discuss - there are no dumb questions in IT.

Onega's Tutorial video on how to navigate the interface and do a good basic configuration of an Elmeg / Bintec Hybrid 130 / 300 / 600 PBX system to configure the trunks, phone handsets, call routing, updates, backups and all the basics to make a system live.