Secure Online Password Management Solution

There is a balance between security and convenience / usability so we can all often fall down on some of the best practices of choosing unique passwords for each system and website we use.

A great solution to this is to deploy a Secure Password Management Solution across your organisation. This allows for one secure sign-in giving secure access to passwords and one click sign-in to websites and online systems. It can also integrate with 2 Factor Authentication that we recommend, to ensure complete best practices and security.

We have a system that we use ourselves to protect client passwords and we can extend this to clients so that you can secure your own passwords.

This is compliant with best practices for GDPR & Cyber Essentials / ISO27001 Security Policies and Practices - and makes great common sense.

Advantages include:

  • One Secure Password gives you access to the password management system.

  • Native support for 2 Factor Authentication for further security.

  • Ability to securely share passwords amongst authorised groups (e.g. Accounts might need to share a Sage Portal login etc.).

  • Automatic One Click Login to websites with the Chrome Extension.

  • Easy Secure Password Creation to make strong passwords with one click that include letters, numbers, symbols (non-alphanumeric) and including both upper and lower case non-dictionary words.

  • Ability for staff to hold their own personal private passwords in their ‘Personal Vault’ securely (not even IT admin can see these) so that they are equally secure in and out of the office.

  • Password age monitoring so that rotations can be organised for best practice.

  • Ability to see who has accessed what passwords so that if a member of staff leaves you know what should be changed.

  • Easy Tick on any compliance audit for Password Best Practice.


This is flat pricing with a monthly subscription based on the tiered number of users in an organisation as follows:

1 - 10 Users - £30 pm
11 - 25 Users - £45 pm
26 - 50 Users - £75 pm
51 - 100 Users - £95 pm
101 - 150 Users - £115 pm
150 - 200 Users - £135 pm
201 - 300 Users - £155 pm
301+ Please Call.

All excluding VAT and based on monthly DD collection.

If you have or compatible 2FA solution then great, otherwise we can help you integrate this.