Recommended Office Headsets for VOIP / Mobile / Computer Use

If you spend more than a little time every day on the phone or using applications like Skype for Business or Zoom video conferencing, then a good cordless headset is a very much recommended option. 

We like and use the Plantronics headsets in the Onega office (every desk has one) and can whole heatedly recommend these. They are not cheap, but they are a great investment - look after them and they will last for years. 

One of the great things about these headsets is that they will work with your desk phone via a cable (and allow you the advantage of electronic hook switch with the right adaptor and supporting desk phone), but also connect via Bluetooth to your mobile phone and desktop / laptop computer  via USB cable connection. The batteries last all day and they are comfortable with clear audio. 

We rank cordless headsets up there with dual screen monitor setups and a dishwasher at home in utility! Choose the one appropriate to you and we'd be sure that you'll be a convert too after a very short time. If you have not used a headset before then the freedom to type notes while on a call, walk around to find documents, and not have to precariously balance telephone handset between head and shoulders is a revelation. For health and safety and productivity a good cordless headset is a revelation. 

Below are the headsets and discussion of which suits you best. At the bottom are a couple of corded basic options if you only need a basic headset for occasional computer or phone use. We'd strongly suggest trying the corded ones though in most cases. 


Plantronics W710 Cordless Headset

This is the headset on most of the desks in Onega's office. 

As you can see these are monaural (have sound into one ear) which is useful so that you can listen on a call but also keep half an ear on what is happening in the office around you.

As well as charging, the base has buttons on the top to let you select between if audio is routed to the headset from computer (USB), Desk phone (cable) or Mobile phone (Bluetooth). If a call comes in from either source it will auto connect to signal ringing to you for easy pickup.

For your desktop computer companion software lets you tune settings and behaviours as well as keep an eye on battery levels. The batteries are strong so as long as you remember to put the headset on your base overnight you should get at least a day of use from the battery. Also useful to know that the batteries are easily replaceable in future years when capacity drops over time. 

Amazon Link: 

Plantronics W720 Corldess Headset

Like the above but binaural per the picture and thus 'immersive' and help you focus on a conversation which can be useful if you work in a noisy or distracting environment. 

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Plantronics W740

If you don't like the feel of the over the head headsets, then the W740 model gives you three seperate options for how to wear the earpiece / microphone part - the module can connect to:

  • An over the head band
  • A behind the head band
  • An over the ear clip.

Particularly if you have a large head or big hair then these can be a good option.

The bases look similar to the standard bases and have selector buttons in the same way - the key difference is the earpiece flexibility.

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Note on phone compatibility:

When you buy a headset, it comes with the headset, the base and cables to connect. Some phones have direct headset support, and others do not. Furthermore some phones support EHS (Electronic Hook Switch) adapters, which allow you to click the button on the side of the headset so that you can answer a call without needing to press anything on the phone as well.

If you have a Polycom VVX411 (or VVX Series) phone then the adapter you need is an APP-51 Cable - Amazon link .

If you have a phone that does not support Electronic HookSwitches (like the popular Cisco 504 VOIP Phones) then you'd need a lifter: - note that these are not as sophisticated as the electronic hook switches and we'd probably suggest that it might actually be better to upgrade to a phone that does support EHS functionality.

If in doubt please feel free to Contact us and we'll be delighted to discuss what you need and how we can help. 

NB - if you need multiple headsets then we might well be able to get better than Amazon pricing for you. Please do ask if this is the case!

Just need a basic corded headset? 

For Computer use (USB): Try the Plantronics C310 / C310 (monaural and binaural respectively) or C510 / C510 headsets - on Amazon at .

For Phone use: Try a Plantronics Encore for a phone that supports wired headsets (will have a HeadSet button on the phone. On Amazon at: 

Thanks to the University of Memphis for sharing the banner photo via flickr