Onega have been working with Watchguard since about 2002 and are familiar with every model from the Firebox II, III, V-Series, 700 / 1000 X Series, XTM and now M series firewalls.

Through the years we've participated in WatchGuard's Partner Program, and have held the awards of Registered, Expert, Silver, and now Watchguard Gold Partner status.

We can support and migrate from III through X series to the T Series, M200, M300, M400, M500, M440 and the new top end M5600 series firewalls and corresponding wireless solutions.

We can provide onsite installation and support in London City / West End/ Docklands and around the UK, but have also provided support remotely and over the phone as far away as Texas, USA, Hong Kong & Sydney Australia.

The WatchGuard system provides for security in depth, and Onega can configure not just the basic firewall configurations that you need for connectivity, but also advanced 'defence in depth' secure configurations. Mobile user and site-to-site VPN capability (with IPSEC or SSLVPN) is also something we know well and can help provide to the enterprise.

In particular we are good at advanced security - if you want to be more secure than 99% of your peer group we can help make this happen and our average downtime when it comes to swapping out an old firewall for a new one is around 6 seconds so we're not going to stop you working while we upgrade you.

If you would like a free audit of your network security, then please do get in touch.

Thoughts on upgrade or renewal options for XTM850, XTM860 and XTM870 Firewalls now have a dedicated page.

You can also read about one of our experiences installing the popular new M200 Firewalls - you can read about this in our blog page on the subject to see what we thought.