Complaints and abuse

Here at Onega we take customer satisfaction seriously. If you have any complaints please contact us using the following contact points:

e-Mail: (link sends e-mail)
Phone:   020 7536 6350


Onega work hard to be good netizens . Our clients are a good bunch and as we only work with companies and people we know (or via referral), most of the time everything runs smoothly with few issues.

Should you however find any spam or abuse (malware, copyright infringement,  unusual network traffic etc.) coming from Onega's systems, networks or clients then please contact us directly as we urgently investigate issues and aim to resolve them as soon as we can or assist clients to do so. Occasionally a computer might get a virus or have a vulnerability taken advantage of despite best efforts to ensure things are up to date this can sometimes happen.

We have an abuse email of or again, feel free to contact us by phone should the need arise.

Response times:

We will respond within 1 working day to any complaints or abuse tickets, most of the time much faster than that.

Escalation process:

If you have an issue with any work a colleague is doing with or for you please flag any concern directly with them, but if you need to or are not satisfied then please do log a complaint or abuse ticket with us as these are all seen by Ben (MD) and taken very seriously in the rare event of occurrence.  We'll do our best to set things right and adopt any learnings relevant to improve things for the future.

If you've a complaint about a .UK domain registration related to us then this can also be escalated via Nominet (the .UK registry) at .

Don't be British:

If you have a problem with any of our services or think we can do something better please do get in touch. We'd welcome your constructive criticism and strive to improve ourselves and our services to find the right balance and have the best offer available for our clients. We're human so we don't get things right all the time, and when asked in a restaurant how our meal is, we also say 'all fine thank you' when half of it is burnt and the other half the slug on the plate is tucking into. Please do let us know your real thoughts so that we can do our best to make things better if possible.

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