Onega Systems Status Reporting Page

This page notes current and recent incidents with status updates.

NB If you are having a problem but it is not noted here, please contact us (*phone if urgent!) to log a ticket as you may have a site specific issue, or be the first to notice a problem.

Current Status:

Friday 30th August 2019:

12:10 - Update - all Green - the central fault has been resolved and services should be back to normal now. We have confirmed this is the case with the sites that we knew there were faults on.

11:15am - Broadband Central Faults - one of our broadband providers (ADSL and FTTC Services) is currently experiencing a central services outage. We do not have full details at this time but the issue is being urgently investigated. We know that services in East and West London are affected. No ETA to fix yet (as of 11:40) but being urgently escalated.

We would recommend using backup 3G / 4G Internet connections until service is restored. If you have connections from multiple back end providers then you will be unaffected by the fault.

Please do call us on 0207 536 6350 Opt 2 for support if you are affected as we can help talk you through options for continuity.


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