Onega Systems Status Reporting Page

This page notes current and recent incidents with status updates.

NB If you are having a problem but it is not noted here, please contact us (*phone if urgent!) to log a ticket as you may have a site specific issue, or be the first to notice a problem.

Current Status:

Thursday 16th May 2019:

12:43 - Horizon Hosted VOIP Outage. There is a major (UK wide) outage at the moment. This is being urgently investigated at the network core for resolution. We will update as soon as we have further information on this.

13:15 - Update - looks like this is a less major incident than we originally understood as impact is thankfully limited. Please do call us on 0207 536 6350 Opt 2 from support if you are experiencing any outages.


Many Thanks to Chris Devers via Flikr for the banner photo of the Boston Banksy in the banner image.