Office Moves

If you are considering, or in the process of moving offices, then you'll be glad to know that helping to make this go smoothly from an IT and Telecoms (Voice and Data) perspective is something that Onega are very good at.

We can (and do) help clients at many different stages of the move process:

At Inception – when you have decided that you need to move - we can help with checking prospective or shortlisted properties at an early stage to ensure that they will be suitable from an IT perspective.

On the shortlist:                                                                                                                                               From location and broadband service availability and options (unfortunately even in cities you can't assume that good fast and economical broadband is available everywhere), to evaluating layouts and

When you've decided:
Landlord negotiations & Wayleaves / permission.
Evaluation of existing cabling & infrastructure.
Strategy on move (what to move).

Move Prep:                                                                                                                                                         Comms to the new office.
Cabling and getting things ready to move in.
Site meetings and liaison with architects, project managers etc.
Client advocacy.
Switches and routers in place.

Move Day / Weekend:                                                                                                                             Moving servers and smooth shut downs
Helping to turn off and pack computers safely.
Helping unpack and setup machines on desks in the new office, servers into racks and everything connected and tested.
Setting up printers in the new office.

Post Move (Day 1 in the new office):                                                                                                             Floor walking and de-snagging.