Onega Approved Friendly Wi-Fi Provider in London and UK

Friendly Wifi is a scheme that certifies Internet connections (specifically focussed on WiFi but also applicable to wired networks) as complying with a base level of 'family friendly' filtering. This includes blocking access to web pages known to the Internet Watch Foundation as containing inappropriate content (note our mastery of understatement here).

Onega are an Approved UK Provider Supplier since accreditation in 2017 as supplying solutions that comply (and much exceed) the filtering levels dictated by the standard. We do this primarily by making use of the secure WiFi management features of the WatchGuard firewalls that we install and maintain. We have instal and maintain these in schools, businesses, charity and public locations. 

Why do I need a Friendly WiFi certified connection?

Where there is so much content on the Internet that can benefit young people (and those of us who are now 'young at heart') but there is also undesirable comment [ed: again with the understatement] on the web that could influence people in undesirable ways.

Done well with multi level protection, the process is quite transparent, and we don't even notice the effect. For example we typically recommend use of a combination of the following to achieve optimal protection and minimise risks online:

  • Secure Firewall Configuration (WatchGuard being our goto choice)
  • Real time URL (web page) Scanning for virusses
  • Real time checking of URLs to ensure that they are not in blocked categories
  • Secure DNS (if you don't know what this is do read up on our post linked left).
  • Enabling (enforced transparently at the firewall) Google SafeSearch on the web.
  • Blocking connections to known malicious or undesirable parts of the web.
  • Blocking connectons to sites which are not what they appear to be (fake sites / traps etc.)

For environments such as schools this is vital protection but for wider businesses it also makes very good sense. We've seen real world examples where for example sites like the most reputable Encyclopedia Britannica online turned out to be anything but reputable when clicked on due to their website having been hijacked by an online attack. Other sites like popular hotels, UK daily newspapers, and many many other online sites have been compromised due to hacks and attacks.

Even if you are wary, you could risk getting caught out by something that is not what it appears. Could you tell the difference between your bank's secure login page and one that is a clever imitation? As we like to go the extra mile here at Onega; if we do find a website which is a clone of a legitimate company or close but malicious imitation, we will follow through and report the site to the ISP who host it (all ISPs have an abuse department including Onega ourselves and ISPs try to be good neighbours to each other on the web) such that it can be closed off. Sometimes it is hard to actually convince an ISP that the site they are hosting for a client is indeed not real so good is the copy! We persist and help them find 'the lightbulb' so that they do realise and take action. Not because we have to, but because it is the right thing to do (and to be frank we enjoy popping into the phone box and coming out wearing our shiny super hero outfits [Ed: and you think we're kidding here?] and making the world a safer place). If you want to read more about our crime stopping antics you can read a related story here on the Onega blog.

If you'd like to discuss your Internet Security, then please do give us a call as we enjoy challenges and the opportunity to help improve networks towards our goal of achieving Sleep Easy IT™