How Onega Works

It is important to understand how we work at Onega. This is all hopefully common sense, but none the less bears explicitly listing and explaining.

When Onega engages with a client, we have enter into a Framework Agreement for Services which covers key points and allows for individual schedules to be added. Core terms including IP, Confidentiality, responsibilities etc. are included in this.

Beyond this, Service Schedules are added for individual services. For example a schedule for Managed IT Support or for a Fibre Internet Line etc. are then added on top of the core agreement.

We can also add the ability to book engineering staff time under an open ended arrangement which is either paid in advance by buying blocks of time available for use, or billed monthly based on use. We keep time records and report with timesheets for work done and billed on the basis of time so as to prevent the risk of any unpleasant surprises when it comes to billing.

Thanks to Mr Wabit via Flickr for the banner photo on this page.