Fujitsu Computer Systems

Onega are Fujitsu Partners and have a high degree of experience and competency with their products including desktop PCs, servers, SAN storage, laptops and workstations. Fujitsu Computers used to be called Fujitsu Siemens computer systems and their business computers are built in Germany and Japan with excellent levels of quality and engineering.

Built to last, Fujitsu computers are also among the most environmentally friendly computers in both build and ongoing running costs, in terms of power consumption.  This is a very important factor over time as servers, for example, are typically powered on 24/7 and they require power for air conditioning (in a big installation) as well as direct power. 

If you are interested in how Onega can help you to acquire and maintain Fujitsu computers then please do call us on 020 7536 6350 and we'd be happy to help.

Fujitsu are also currently running a 'no lose' policy on server and storage opportunities so we can almost guarantee to beat any other comparable quote you might have from a major vendor.

Sometimes we can't beat the pricing you have, but this is quite rare.

It's not all about price though; servers, workstations, laptops etc. are all key components in the computing chain and need to be solid, dependable, well-designed and well-installed. Onega like to make sure that our solutions are appropriate to your needs, so the first thing is to understand business use scenarios and precisely what you need; to make sure the solution we come up with is correct and appropriate for you and will provide good service for years ahead.

We attended the Fujitsu 2015 World Tour in London which you can read about on the page in our blog to find out the news & events from the day.

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