IT Governance

Onega can help with matters of IT governance. Like it or not, computer systems are increasingly about integrated business process and not a stand alone aid to work as they used to be.

It is important that a company sets a firm foundation for IT at board level, and then executes on this.

From Data Protection Controller registration to PCI compliance for companies taking payments over the web through to Policy Documentation and implementation, Onega staff have experience and can help implement best practice processes and procedures without needing to reinvent (and repurchase!) the proverbial wheel.

Our senior staff have experience at Director level across a range of businesses where IT is involved and can advise as to how best align systems and staff to create positive business impact, smooth running and add value to an organisation.

We also understand standards and compliance from BS EN ISO9001 to 27001 (ex 7799) standards series for IT security and processes. We deal with these with a straightforward and no-nonsense approach to help achieve compliance at the level appropriate for an organisation's needs. We are also familiar with the new light frameworks such as the UK Government's Cyber Essentials and CyberEssentials Plus programs which aim to make sure that a company is good and secure without going over the top.