Strategic consultancy

The illustration to this page is thanks to - and is obviously in jest, but probably accurately describes the strategy of around nine out of ten businesses.

Much of Onega's work by design and through by-product results is rich and deep understanding of both the current and future direction of technology and business. We offer consultancy to clients to help bring this insight to bear to a business and face up to the truth and reality of the change that future innovations in computing and the Internet will bring.

The buzzwords here include IoT (Internet of Things), Digital Disruption, Hyper Connected Society to name but a few. We live in a world of change that we often do not stop to appreciate, but appreciate we must, embrace we must, and adapt we must.

The questions that all good business leaders (IT Leaders in Businesses and Senior Management jointly) should be asking themselves include: 'What change is coming?';  'What does it mean for us?' and 'What should our strategy be?'.

Onega's insight and consulting can help organisations find answers to these questions and be in the best position to thrive from the change that is happening. Some of the truths that must be faced are not pleasant ones, but for every threat there is an opportunity that can be realised.

If you'd like to engage one of our senior consultants to discuss disruption and how your industry and business are likely to look in 20 years time, then please feel free to get in touch and we'd love to discuss your concerns and how we can engage and assist you.