Café Onega

Here at Onega we often work long hours (who doesn't these days?). One of the benefits of the office is that we have a nice kitchen with all the usual facilities to keep us fed and watered.

We are also happy to claim that we are likely to have the best coffee of any IT Services company in the UK thanks to our supply of freshly roasted beans from Rave Coffee - (Cirencester's finest) which we grind and then brew in our Londinium 1 Espresso machine (a lever espresso machine) - . This is widely respected as one of the best coffee machines in the world. We're unashamedly coffee nerds as well as tech geeks :-)

If you visit the Onega office, we'll be happy to treat you to a cup that tantalises your taste buds and makes you at least 5 points more productive.

We did splash out a bit on this but the rational justification comes from our experience that cheaper bean to cup machines did not last; they'd run for about 2 years and then expire with one fault or another. Assuming we look after it, the Londinium should last a lifetime. As such we have a maintenance schedule for this as for other kit and training required before use (if you use one of these without knowing what you are doing then you risk breaking jawbones, scolding yourself or even worse - damaging the machine!) So far so good on this.