MikroTik routers / switches / wireless solutions

Here at Onega we like to practice more than a fair bit of 'thinking outside the box' when it comes to network solutions. For example, unless it is a good fit, we would not typically propose Cisco Kit without a good reason (such as 80%-90% charity discounts). For many requirements, especially in smaller companies and networks there can be more appropriate choices that do the same job (and in some cases better) for much lower cost. Don't get us wrong - we do like Cisco kit, and if you're running a global network you'll be deploying a lot of it but there are always options.

MikroTik (pronounced Micro-tik as you'd expect) are a Latvian technology company who make network switches, routers and WiFi equipment. They are very engineering-led and build their own custom chips and circuit boards which allows them to control both quality and price. As such they can form part of very competitive and performant solutions. Their routers take the unassuming outward appearance of small white boxes, but underneath their understated exteriors lies a lot of clever technology.

Where are MikroTik a good choice?

For powerful and versatile routers, network switches and wireless networking equipment MikroTik makes a great choice when it comes to infrastructure for performance and reliability.

Where is MikroTik not a good choice?

We'd not suggest buying a MikroTik router for your home internet unless you like to get in at the deep end on configuration, as the devices are not set up with easy wizards for the most common scenarios as a BT Home Hub or suchlike would be.  As a guide - if you enjoy playing with TCP/IP settings then by all means get a MikroTik, else for home use stick to something simpler (or get us to manager the router for you!).

If you need advanced security then you may well use a MikroTik router but it would be deployed with a specialist firewall like a WatchGuard Firewall in front. These sit in front of the router and offer secure, multi level defences on wired and wireless networks.

What can you do with a MikroTik?

  • Point to Point Wireless Links

  • Building / Site Wifi Infrastructure

  • High Performance Routed Networks.

  • ISP Service Delivery

  • Corporate network connectivity

  • Cost effective network upgrades at a fraction of some of the 'traditional' vendor investment levels.

What have Onega done with MikroTik Kit?

  • WiFi Networks (such as in the Chainstore event space at Trinity Buoy Wharf).

  • Installed and configured 10 Gbps Public WiFi Data Centre Internet break out routing. In this case with the powerful multicore MikroTik Routers with high speed redundant fibre links.

  • Routers for Internet Access at client sites.

  • Long distance network connections on wireless including for Flood-Tide.

  • Provisioning network connectivity for Rio Phone Hack .

How do you manage MikroTiks?

There are several way the routers can be managed and configured depending on use case and scenario, these include CLI (Command Line Interface), using the management tool 'The Dude' and via device web interface.

What can Onega offer?

  • Network Solution Design Services

  • Installation

  • Training

  • Management & Support of MikroTik solutions.

MikroTik UK Certified Staff - Nearly half our engineers have done official MikroTik training and gained the related qualifications.

If you have any need of engineering for MikroTik routers, switches or wireless, please don't hesitate to Get In Touch.