Managed Security Awareness Training

Background and Overview:

The bad guys are out to get you. It's nothing personal but they're after your money. 

We can and do put a number of security measures in place to reduce the risk of systems being compromised, but while each of these measures (like firewalls, virus scanners, malware filters and Mimecast email protection) will all reduce the risk of bad things happening; there is always a risk that a new threat will get through.

Thus there is a need to strengthen the last line of we need to that we can reduce this risk, we need to make sure that staff are educated and on guard online. It is said many times, but it is true that your staff are your last line of defence. Thus we aim to help through education and awareness that your staff are not a weak link in the security chain so that technical as well as human elements are covered.

What we do:

Upon engagement, we work with you to create a program of education aligned to your organisational and sector needs. We then start with an exercise to 'test phish' the company and see how many emails are opened / clicked on and potentially have details entered into them. 

The aspects of security awareness that campaigns cover include:

  • Executive Buy In and Need for Security
  • Test Phishing Exercises and Training on demand
  • Testing and education for USB drive security
  • Can staff be tricked into giving away information on the phone? 
  • Do staff know what to look at in evaluating a phishing email?
  • Things to beware of in internal processes and knowing the main ways honest people get caught out by scammers.
  • Engineering in appropriate security checks as part of all processes.
  • Learning about real world hacks / attacks that have succeeded so that you learn from history and do not repeat it. 

The training modules cover:


How does it work?


Is this right for you?


Pricing, Billing and Contract terms


ROI Calculations

Calculating ROI is 

Metrics and Reporting