Onega are always on the lookout for good IT engineers. Most important are attitude (being friendly, helpful & willing etc.)and aptitude (ability to pick things up quickly). Skills are of course important but can be picked up over time. We'd hope that people have a good basic founding in the principles and practice of computing and enthusiasm for the subject.

Expect us to ask you what your current reading list is (books / blogs / newsfeeds), what your regular listening is (podcasts etc.) and your computer history etc. 

We have a working draft document which outlines positions in the company etc. which is attached here. Please have a read through this and let us know where you think you could fit in. It also gives you a good idea of some of the systems that you'd be likely to be exposed to over time.

Please do email us directly using the address (link sends e-mail) with your CV and contact details.

Some of the core criteria that we look for in all members of our staff are:

  • Friendly and helpful attitude.

  • Genuine interest in the field of IT & computing.

  • Ability to learn and assimilate new information quickly.

  • Ability to build good rapport with clients and colleagues.

  • IQ of 110 or higher (see how you score at for free :-)

  • Non Smoking (see WHO policy at: )

  • NB: E-Cigarettes are also not to be smoked at Onega or Client offices.

  • Living within one hour of Onega's office at E14 0FN (or E14 0JY if you check Google maps/ satnav)

  • Ability to self start and spot opportunities as well as adding value and working well within the team.

  • Ability to walk on water.

  • Ability to work within the rules and guidelines of the Company Handbook, as amended from time to time.

  • Must be of solid integrity and CRB clear. Capable of security clearance as needed.

  • Willing to work flexibly and 'go the extra mile' as needed to deliver excellence in customer service delivery.

  • Medically fit and able to obtain a CAA Class B medical.

  • Compliance with company health and safety policies and best practice.

We will normally allow one exception to the above, but everything else we'd expect compliance with. These attributes (e.g. the IQ Test requirement) are things that we've found from experience lead to success in role and good integration with the team.

The above are general / core attributes - beyond this there are of course technical skills involved in our engineering roles. We have a full draft job description that we can give you with details of these. Important to remember that while this includes things that you'll come across in roles, we don't expect everyone to have everything from the start (probably only a small portion) - we do believe the mantra that in recruitment, it is important to hire for aptitude and attitude and that skills can be taught. From the candidate perspective this equates to a working environment with high speed learning and plenty of opportunity for self development (with the help of team mates of course).

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.