Onega support and recommend the Mimecast range of email cloud services which build on top of your existing email service.

Some of the things that Mimecast can do for your business include:

  • Provide Email DR (Disaster Recovery) and Business Continuity - continue to send and receive email if / when your primary email system (ex MS Exchange or Office 365) are down for any reason.
  • Full Email Archiving so that you can find emails that might have been long deleted from your mailbox.
  • Email Filtering for junk mail and computer viruses. This is very effective and everyone gets a personal quarantine for held mail.
  • Large File Sending with cloud storage to take a load off your server and send files larger than you can with email attachments.

If you would like to see the most common Mimecast packages for Office 365 and pricing then please read our page on Mimecast Serivce Bundles and UK Pricing.

Now that I've got Mimecast, how do I use it?

Once the Mimecast service is implemented - your email flows in via the Mimecast system, where it is filtered and archive copies kept. There are a number of ways that you can access your email via Mimecast in normal and emergency conditions. You should be aware of these and familiar with how to use them. If you need any help please feel free to call Onega on our helpdesk line and we can run through with you and answer any queries on a remote session etc.

Webmail :

You can access your mail live from nearly anywhere using the Mimecast web portal. If you're ever stuck in an Internet Cafe etc. then just goto and click the login button on the screen. Your login details are normally your regular email username / address and password. Please do log into this now to make sure you are familiar with the interface, and can get in - if any problems better they be solved now than when the system is needed in anger. From webmail you can send and receive email, even when your primary email system is down. You can also view your 'on hold' email items. These are bits of email that Mimecast is not sure you'd want, but not obvious total junk mail. We recommend checking the personal on hold list at least once a week to check there is nothing you actually wanted there. You can select to Release (just this one mail), Permit (allow all future from that sender) or Block (no prizes for guessing on this one) as appropriate so that Mimecast learns what you like and what you'd rather not have in your inbox.

Outlook Plug-in:

If you use Outlook, then you can install the Mimecast Outlook Plugin. You download and install from if you ever need this urgently you can just Google 'download mimecast Outlook plugin' and you'll see the link for the correct Mimecast Page. If you have many computers on a network then the add-in can be push deployed with Group Policy etc. or install one at a time. Once installed, you'll see a new Tab in outlook which looks like this:

How the Mimecast Toolbar looks in Outlook once installed.

The Outlook plugin allows you to do everything the web page does from right within Outlook. You can also add or remove Block entries or Permit entries in case you click the wrong button. Depending on your subscription to Mimecast you can also send large files from here, configure options and search your archives.

You'll likely find your way around this logically and click around to see what things do. There is also full documentation at: for the Outlook app.

Mobile Phone / Tablet Apps:

If you have an Android Phone (eg HTC or Samsung Smartphone),  Apple iphone (iPhone 5 /  iPhone 6 / iPhone 7 etc.), Windows Mobile Phone, Blackberry V10 device or an ipad or Andrond Tablet then you can search for 'mimecast' in your respective app store and download the free app.

When you first run this, you'll be prompted for your login credentials and then to set a PIN (so that your Mimecast email is safe should you leave your phone on the tube etc.).

When you run the app, you'll see your inbox & mail folders and be able to send and receive email here also.  Like the other methods of access, you can view / release your on hold messages too.

The best time to install the apps is now, so that you are familiar with them as needed.

Screenshots of the Mimecast Mobile app:

If you have any problems using Mimecast please do get in touch and we'll be happy to walk you through the system and answer any questions.

For administrators there is the admin portal which allows for a lot of configuration and which is well worth becoming familiar with in order to get the most out of the system.