Core support

IT Support is Onega's Core offering. We can provide this in a number of ways depending on your needs, either as simple PAYG (Pay As You Go) Break / Fix support, or as Fully Managed services where we manage things proactively and push out updates etc.

We have been providing our 'Virtual IT department' service to clients since the days when we were a 'real' Internal IT department in a financial services organisation.

Whichever engagement model you choose, you can be assured of our best service at all times.

Fully Managed Services

Pay As You Go IT Support

Augmenting in-house resource


What is included in Onega's IT Support Services?

Behind the scenes:

Systems Monitoring - Onega's monitoring systems can constantly check your key system statuses. These range from internal systems monitoring to external systems availability checks. For example if you run an email server, then we can configure 'real world' tests which send an email to your mail server, and then a minute later check that the mail can be picked up from your mail store. This monitoring can run whether you use POP3, MS Exchange, Lotus Notes, or Office 365 Mail, and allows us to spot if there are any problems that will stop email flowing so that we can be responding before your users will notice there is a problem (and in many cases resolving a problem behind the scenes also).

We also monitor servers, services, drive space, resource utilisation, log files etc.  Given the choice, we think it is much better to for example spot that a drive is getting low on space and have a conversation as what to do than to wait until you get a 'cannot save' message. Typically the answer is either a bit of admin and tidy up of files, or if it might be better to swap a hard drive for a new bigger Solid State Drive (or an older SSD for a newer bigger one) for extra performance from a computer.

Patch Management - Keeping your computers - PC and Mac desktops, laptops, servers (physical or virtual machines) up to date in or out of your office up to date with Operating System and other Vendor updates is of vital importance to keeping your systems healthy. It is a fact that many of the exploits / attacks / hacks that are successful get in through known vulnerabilities in systems which have since been fixed in released updates. If your systems are kept up to date then you get the best possible bug free computing experience, but you are also most secure. If someone wants to hack you then they'll need to find a bug that no one else has ever discovered or brand new so the vendor is rushing to fix it. If you were a hacker and had discovered a new systems vulnerability - would you attack a big or a small company? Of course, you'd go for the big dollar firm and the big prize. Thus just by keeping all systems up to date, you minimise risk of virus or other malware infection. This applies not only to Operating System patches, but also to releases of software like Java, Adobe Acrobat, Chrome and Firefox - all of whom have had security problems over time, but all of whom swiftly release updates.... which Onega help make sure are applied to your systems as seamlessly as possible.

AV Management - Anti Virus systems should be applied at the desktop and the gateway level for best defence. Onega can help monitor and manage both. Our monitoring software can allow us to check that all your computers have a virus scanner installed, and that this is running and up to date. If any fall behind then this can be flagged for attention and resolution.

In front of the scenes / support in the open:

Desktop Support - Onsite, on the phone and remote. Onega operate a 24 hour helpdesk for clients. This can cover nearly eventuality from a computer not starting up, through to help in a particular application like Excel or more complex issues. If needs be we can help get things fixed if they are broken with warranty and out of warranty hardware issues.

General IT Advice - If you have questions on IT then we're likely to have answers - or at least help you find them (we don't claim to know everything). We do have many many years of experience with IT & Communications systems, so in many areas we'll be able to advise on who you might be able to successfully do what you want to do. Equally we can help you avoid pitfalls that we may well have come across ourselves the hard way.

Third Party Liaison - Most companies consume software and services from a number of suppliers. We are happy to act as a central point of contact for our clients and to co-ordinate updates, installs and support issues across disciplines.


Setup of New Computers and network equipment - Core support includes the maintenance of core sytems in place. We can extend this to include the cost of adding new computers, laptops and other devices to your network so that this is inclusive and does not incur extra time based charges for you when it comes to time to renew equipment or adding extra staff etc. 

We also commonly agree a number of planned IT Engineering visits per month (or as appropriate) so that we are onsite and attending to things proactively for you. This is fully described on our separate pages about regular onsite IT visits.

If you would like to understand a little more about the types of work that is done by an IT company and how these map to contracts in business support then please do have a read of our page on the subject of IT Service Management and the types of work IT does.