Email Signature Management

We all have (or should have) signatures on our email which include contact details, disclaimers, social media links and other relevant messaging.

There are two ways to manage email signatures in your company:

The Traditional Manual Way:

1) Create Signature - make sure it complies with Text and HTML standards. Make sure images comply to correct DPI specifications for rendering.

2) Distribute signatures to staff with instructions on how to configure these on Outlook, In Webmail, and on smartphones (Android / Iphone / Blackberry) and request that staff apply these to their devices.

3) Make sure everyone has complied with the above request and help anyone who has trouble with the process.

4) Chase the people who have not applied this yet and make sure that new devices / computers have the signatures applied when any changes are made.

Or the smarter way:

1) Implement an Email Signature Management Solution (once)

2) Configure or update your signature in the Signature Manager web portal and select to apply to all users across all devices.

3) Go back to the beach / golf club / family / bar / your book.


Given that you value your time, and compliance / corporate identity is important; central management of email signatures makes good sense. In our experience, having signature management set will pay for itself very quickly and free up your time from this relatively mundane task of managing it manually. Onega use and recommend Exclaimer! Email signature management and we can setup a free trial for clients on the system so that you can see how well this works. At a cost of less than £1 per user per month ex VAT, you are also not going to bust any budgets implementing signature management.

As a Bonus (and helping you make a cost into a benefit) - consider Exclaimer a marketing tool also. For example when you have some news to share with clients or a special offer etc. you can add a block to your email signatures to highlight your latest awards / achievements / blog posts / offers / informing clients of holiday opening hours etc. So now every email is a marketing tool and you can keep this fresh and update the messaging whenever you need to.  If you look at many of the professional emails you receive then you will notice that a good number of these have well managed signatures.

Onega offer a Managed Email Signature Marketing Service where we can take care of this and add value to your business.


Thanks to Chris Gauthier for the banner photo here shared via Flickr.