Onega provides, facilitates and manages high quality web, application and server hosting for our clients.

This can range from economical but powerful shared hosting via our C-Panel Servers (with lots of modules and addons available to install with a single click via Softaculous ; through to Virtual machines running on our blade infrastructure to physical server hosting if you need the full raw flexibility and power that only bare metal infrastructure can provide.

Our hosting is housed in one of London's most secure data centres, with fully redundant air-conditioning, UPS and diesel generator backup power, 24 hour security, FM200 fire suppression systems etc. (the link here is to a YouTube video showing how this works - a human can live with FM200 bus a fire cannot as the match at the end shows).  We run multiple gigabit network connections and have good resilience. The same data centre, you may interested to know, facilitated a very large proportion of the London 2012 Olympic Broadcast network traffic.

Alongside web hosting, we can provide the essential network services ancillary to this such as DNS, acceleration, secure firewalling and DDOS mitigation.