The Onega Team

Onega is made up of a small but experienced team. Just like in any and every other team, everyone has their own strengths and together we cover all the bases.

No one knows everything and there is overlap and redundancy in key areas, so that no one individual is critical should they be run over by a proverbial double decker bus (though we hope that does not happen and remind staff that playing chicken with a double decker bus tends to work out better for the bus).

To consider the medical analogy, you could probably think of Onega as being like a GP's surgery. For managing health, this is your first port of call and so it is with us here. We cover a wide range of skills from Networks and Comms and Mobile through to Cloud, Windows and Linux Desktop and Server Support, and also Security and Strategy to a good degree. Beyond ourselves though, we have access to a wide trusted partner network who we can involve in projects and solutions as needed. These range from AV specialists who can help realise your 'evil empire' boardroom ambitions through to security and forensic computing analysts who can help with complex investigation and matters that may have legal implications through to very efficient network installers who can help fit out an office with the latest Cat 6 and fibre networks to see an office through the next 10-15 years of core computing connectivity. Finally we also deal with a wide range of web designers. Here at Onega we are open about having zero creative talent (though we're not displeased with this website which is our own work and content). Our skills are primarily  in the technical and business sides of things. For example we can help a business interact with their web designers and help ensure efficient hosting and DNS operations etc.

So - who’s who at Onega?

In Alphabetical order:

Abubakar - Abu has quietly proceeded to learn more and put his knowledge to good use in the time he has been here. Never shy to step forward in order to learn and help out. We’re never shy to step forward and help clear away the home baked goods he often brings in.

Aneil - Covers a wide range of Comms and Windows support issues and has a thorough and pragmatic work manner that clients like. Aneil is very quiet; he’s like a stealthy ninja IT man.

Ben - Founded the company back in 1998 and would generally style himself as 'Director and Dogsbody' in that everyone is very hands-on (there is nowhere to hide in a small firm) and thus keeps a good technical overview of what is happening with regards to client projects as well as looking forward and helping to architect solutions, strategies and policies for clients etc.

Ehsan - Gets on well with people and has a good understanding of systems and what needs to be done when troubleshooting. Also a very keen traveller and considers Berlin his second home. Has a puzzling fondness for Hounslow.

Heather - Enjoys zooming around Europe as motorbike pillion, either singing or screaming to herself, when not involved in high adrenaline accounting here at Onega.

Jasjoot - Jas has been with us since mid-2017 and has proceeded to learn as much as possible since he started, never shy of offering to help or learn something new.

Krunal -  Is one of our senior engineers and account managers and has a wide technical knowledge as well as being very good at helping to look after client needs and manage accounts.

Nicola - Works with Heather to keep us engineers in order with admin, billing, accounting and general organisation. An often thankless task for which we're most thankful.

Paulius - Paul does a lot of the hands-on work on TBWnet and hosted networks with switch and router configurations, on top of exercising his other IT skills.  When not at work he tries very hard to avoid flying. Unfortunately for him, his wife is quite fond of long-distance travel.

Tobi - Tobi started with us under the Microsoft Apprenticeship Program.  Since passing his Apprenticeship he has stayed on with us, continuing the never-ending process of learning.

Gedi - Our newest recruit with some years experience in the IT field.


Together we make up a pretty good team - please feel free to get in touch and ask how we can help you if you're not already a client.