Managed Email Signature Marketing

Did you know that the average 20 person company will send over 10,000 emails per month?

These emails are sent out far and wide - to new and existing clients, investors, partner companies, suppliers, family etc.

Each email you are sending anyway will have relevant content but there is an opportunity to offer extra value in these messages by including a small advertising banner on each mail sent. These adverts could mention anything you like -  from general brand awareness to specific product or service offers.

Some examples and use cases:

  • Look at this month's special offers on X.
  • Did you know that we are opening a new office?
  • We're raising money for charity - will you donate for a good cause?
  • The law is changing - are you ready for Y?

    What can you think of that you'd like to let people know about?

How Onega can help you leverage this opportunity.

Onega specialise in IT Services that overlap with business needs and adding value to organisations. We can

Email Signature Marketing Return on Investment:

We've got a useful calculator which can help you work out an estimated payback from the exercise - this is usually the good stuff. In order to run the numbers, first we need to know how many emails you send monthly. If Onega manage your email then we can pull these stats up for you (for example on MS Office 365). Otherwise we can help you find the numbers. For a very quick and crude measure you could also look at how many emails are in your sent box from yesterday (assuming yesterday was an average day for you?) and remember to adjust because of the fact that some will be sent to groups or multiple recipients. Once you know your figure you can multiply by the number of staff you have... then give us a call and we'll run through it with you.

What we will Do:

  • Consulting and Brainstorming with you on the phone or a remote (Skype For Business / call) as to what messaging should be in on your next email banner ad.
  • We'll also keep a running content publishing schedule with ideas for the months ahead.
  • We'll then design this for you in your corporate style for approval - we can incorporate reasonable changes.
  • At the start of the month (or rotation date if different) we will make your new messaging live.
  • While a campaign is running we will track views and clicks so that you can see how many people have seen and clicked on your offer so that you can track effectiveness of each ad.

We normally work to a monthly cycle so that your email marketing ad banners will be designed and rotated monthly to keep things fresh.

What does the service not include?

If the advert links to some of your content then the actual content we're linking to is not included - ie you need to create that (or we can help with that separately).


Changes outside the normal monthly cycle - this might be an update for 'hot news' during the month or other urgent messaging (eg if your main office is flooded but 'business as normal' at your alternate location).


Service setup one off is £500 ex VAT - this pays for the creation of initial content schedule, initial discussion regarding your goals and where best value could be added, understanding corporate styles, designer briefing and setup of the cloud infrastructure for sending and reporting on your marketing messages.

Ongoing Monthly Investment is £250 per month ex VAT which is collected by DD for ease of admin all round.

NB - the above costs are for Onega's management, design and creative services and do not include the cost of the base email signature management service upon which this service builds.

How do we get going?

The best thing to start things off is to get in touch and we can discuss any specific needs / initial ideas, make sure you're happy with the process and can quickly be on to designing and implementing your first monthly campaign.


Thanks to Don O'Brien for sharing the photo of the New Ideas Spreader via Flickr which is our header image above here.