Where we are located



UK: +44 (0)20 7536 6350 | USA: +1 646 475 2118 | Latvia: +371 6616 4323

Fax: +44 (0)20 7987 8452 (NB - call us first to dust it off!)

London HQ Address:

Studio V
Container City Building
48 Trinity Buoy Wharf
E14 0FN

NB - if you are using satnav to find us by car, then the postcode of E14 0JY works much better (the post office updated these recently)

How to get to us:

By Tube:

We are approx. 10 minutes walk from East India DLR station. If you are coming from the city, then it will often be quickest to take the Jubilee line to Canning Town, and then change and take one stop on the DLR towards town). Get off the DLR train at East India and head downstairs (not across the road bridge). If you see a Nisa supermarket opposite the station when you are down, then you're on the correct side. Head to the east (away from Canary wharf) walking along the path below the DLR line. You'll come to a roundabout, from where you can see another roundabout to your left - cross the road here to the other side towards the nature reserve. Then follow the footpath round broadly continuing to follow the line of the DLR train line and keep the nature reserve (dock) to your right. You go down a slip path / road towards London City Island and Orchard Place, and when you get to the bottom of the slip road, turn right and follow the road around. You'll see an art work ahead of you now if you are in the right place - a London taxi with a metal palm tree growing out of it. Head towards and past the taxi, and the road continues and curves to the left after a large nautical buoy (you can't miss this either) - then head straight down the road to the end where you'll enter the gates of Trinity Buoy Wharf.

By Car:

The Postcode of E14 0JY gets you to the right place on satnav. If you don't have satnav, but do have a smartphone, then you do have satnav - get WAZE (iPhone or Android) - it is free and it's great. There is a good reason Google spent a billion dollars to buy the company!.

We are 5 minutes from the Blackwall Tunnel, and just off the A13 5 minutes past the Limehouse Link tunnel. You get off the A13 at East India if you are going East, or Canning Town if you are coming from the west, and reach us via the 'Esso Roundabout' (there is an Esso Garage there) - we are down the sliproad off the next turning from this (to the side of the flyover - if you go over the flyover, you've missed the slip and gone too far). You turn right at the bottom of the sliproad, and then follow the road all the way around until you get to the end and TBW.

By Plane:

The Onega office is very close to London City Airport (LCY), and is approx. 10 minutes by Taxi, or about 20 minutes by DLR from the airport. If you are arriving at London City Airport, then we'll be pleased to meet you at the airport.

London is well served by Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead and Luton also, and if you happen to have your own plane, then North Weald makes a great place to land and has excellent engineering support and ambience at 'The Squadron'.

By River:

Thames Clippers operate an excellent and relaxing catermaran service on the Thames and moor up at Trinity Buoy Wharf, and being opposite the O2 (former Millennium Dome), you can alight there and take the 'Predator' boat for the short hop across the Thames to TBW, and we're straight ahead of you when you get to the top of the pier gangway.

Once you get to Trinity Buoy Wharf:

Once in Trinity Buoy Wharf, round the corner to the right, and you'll see the silver diner (FatBoy's Diner) - head towards that, then stop, turn around, and you'll be looking at the Container City Building. We're at the top of that in the Evil Penthouse (alright, not so evil, more Eco) To get to Onega come under the Container city building from the diner, and you'll see the lift and stair shafts & entry area. If you buzz V on the door panel (go backwards 5 from Z) then we'll let you in - come up to the third floor via the stairs or lift depending on if you are carrying a lot and how fit you feel. Good coffee awaits in the office and you'll probably get to use faster than the time it took to read this rather verbose set of directions.

If you get lost en route just call us on 020 7536 6350 and we'll be happy to talk you in - once you've visited us once, you'll never get lost again. Equally if it is pouring with rain and you are at the station, we'll also be glad to come and pick you up opposite the Nisa supermarket.