Telecoms Services


PBX Maintenance:

If you have a traditional PBX (Switchboard) in place then Onega can most likely provide a good level of maintenance for this.

Systems that we can support include (but are not limited to):

  • Aastra - 415/430/470 PBXs and OfficeSuite / OIP
  • Mitel - Aastra have now merged with Aastra
  • Vertical - Wave PBX
  • 3CX Hosted or Local VOIP PBX
  • Panasonic
  • Elmeg / Funkwerk Hybird 100, Hybird 300, Hybird 600 and ICT-46, ICT88 & ICT880 PBXs
  • Patton SIP /ISDN Gateways
  • Nortel / Meridian PBX Systems


Mobile Roaming:

When we use our mobile phones at home (in our home country), we barely even think about the costs as most of us will have a good package that gives us all the minutes and texts and megabytes of data that we need. When we use our mobile phones abroad, even having made reasonable use of them, we might sometimes come home to a phone bill that makes us think that we've picked up the tab for ET's call home to Brodo Asogi.

There are regulations in Europe that limit the cost of roaming for members of other European nations but the networks are quite clever about getting around these by offering a bundle which offers good value for the minutes it includes, but at the same time opts you out of the cost-limiting legislation and exposes you to the risk of significant overage charges.


Unsolicited Marketing Calls:

For IT and telecoms clients we also help register opt-out from unsolicited nuisance marketing calls - see for details.