Brixton Tripod Space Internet and Network Services

Onega have installed a high speed Fibre Internet Connection in the Brixton Tripod (Brixton Old Townhall) Space.

This currently provides 200Mbps on a Gigabit Virgin Fibre line so is much faster than domestic fibre broadband and comes with a high level SLA on the core connectivity. If and as more bandwidth is needed we can turn the internet connection up to the full Gigabit (or beyond to 10Gbps ) over time.

As standard tenants of Meanwhile Space get access to the following:

  • Internet connection on wireless via the high-speed network in the building.

Optionally (at an additional cost) we can organise:

  • Private networks and connection to wired ports to allow for office networks with secure Internet connections

  • Managed Firewalls to ensure top security on the Internet.

  • VOIP Phones to allow you to have one or more corded or cordless IP Telephones - these can act as a virtual switchboard and can be taken with you if / when you move out of Tripod space (we’d like to think Unicorns might be born here!) as they work nearly any Internet connection.


Provision of and support for the core Internet service is included rents. Beyond this, support is reasonably available for individual tenants; if you need IT help on top of this for specific devices etc. We do tend to be helpful so we’re likely to help with small things directly, as long as it is not time-consuming or incurring expense. If you need help please do call on 020 7536 6350 where the Helpdesk is available and we can run through what you need.

We can also quote you for phones (these are very popular and will likely save you money); you can read up on this on the Horizon pages on this website.