Onega Awarded Silver Partner Status In New WatchguardONE Program

Onega have been installing and maintaining Watchguard firewalls for many years, and from time to time Watchguard releases new products and realigns itself with the channel. In the past we have been qualified as Certified Partners, Expert Partners, Silver and Gold Partners over time as the program has changed, and as new models have been introduced etc. Onega first became certified as an Expert Partner when Watchguard introduced their V-Class firewalls (and we have fond memories of our internal V-60 unit at the time) which were amongst the first devices to support 'fast path' architecture to allow for wire speed processing of firewall network traffic. 

Watchguard work with partners such as Onega Ltd to provide secure firewalls for business.

Onega have multiple engineers formally trained in Watchguard, and we pride ourselves that we can configure the firewalls to be more secure than 99% of the world's firewalls, which equates to achieving very high levels of network security as part of an integrated stack for clients.

We are happy that we've fulfilled the technical and commercial criteria to qualify as Silver Partners with Watchguard, and are looking forward to moving to the next step up in the program over time.