Onega provide subsidised Internet connections with Connection Vouchers

Onega Ltd are fully registered as an accredited supplier for the UK Government's SuperConnected Cities Connection Voucher Scheme. This allows us to provide (for qualifying companies) free fibre and other fast business grade broadband service installations. The subsidy here covers up to £3,000 of install costs and is designed to help kick-start the next phase of the UK's digital economy.

Having enjoyed 100Mbps and gigabit Internet speeds here at Trinity Buoy Wharf for the last couple of years, we can attest to the benefits of very high speed broadband. The Internet just works and downloads, video calls etc. are all smooth and seamless which is how they are meant to be. If you are currently on ADSL, ADSL 2+ etc. then you'll benefit from a big improvement here.

If you are located in London or Docklands and want to experience how Gigabit Internet feels, then bring a laptop and visit us and we can plug you in :-) The SuperConnected cities project now includes areas in the UK from Newcastle-upon-Tyne to Chelmsford and Southend (and many other cities).

It is important to remember that the subsidy is only on the install costs and that you have to pay for ongoing costs, but you also reap the benefits at the same time.

Based on a postcode and phone number, we can check quickly which providers cover your area, and what the best deals are based on your requirements. Please do thus contact us for a quote with no obligation.

To further reduce the costs, if you have some neighbours who are also interested, you can split the costs and the benefits with them, so that you only pay for a portion of the ongoing costs but benefit from all the speed available. We've done this a number of times and can help to broker 'good neighbour' agreements on the lines. Sharing an Internet connection is still secure as you'll have your own firewall (something else we can help with if needs be).

See for details of the cities that are covered. We can help you get quotes and fill in the paperwork (all electronic forms now) to apply for your voucher. Then call us on 020 7536 6350 to see how we can help or drop us a line via .