A Maharajah's Wedding

In Hindu wedding tradition, the Groom is treated as a Maharajah or King for a day and the Bride is honoured as Goddess Parvati. So it was for one of our most esteemed colleagues, Krunal Patel, this weekend and we were honoured to have been invited to his and Sejal's wedding at the Hilton Heathrow on Sunday 27th November 2016. Krunal was resplendent in traditional attire as you can see below:

Krunal before the big event.

The Groom enters the wedding ceremony first and Krunal did this in style, mounted on a suitably garlanded white horse.

Krunal on his White Charger. Thankfully the horse was very well behaved.

The groom's procession approached the venue with much dancing, with an Indian drum and brass band proclaiming the approach.

The Ceremony

The ceremony itself starts with just the Groom, his best man, the parents and the priest who orchestrates proceedings. There was a film crew present so we expect a Bollywood style production to showcase the event for posterity in due course. Guests were requested to be silent for the wedding (not always the case) which had a number of steps including the ceremonial washing of Krunal's feet by his new parents-in-law, prior to the arrival of the the Bride.  Sejal kept Krunal waiting as all brides (according to legend) do and was brought into the hall carried by her brothers and uncles upon a flat, open sedan chair.

The different parts of the ceremony include blessings, offerings and processions. At the end of the ceremony the Bride and Groom are presented as a married couple and you can see Sejal and Krunal here, newly married. If you look carefully you can see a red string that goes around them both and joins them. There is also a scarf around Krunal's neck that is tied to Sejal's sari for the same symbolic purpose; quite literally tying the knot. They remained joined after the wedding as tradition dictates, newly bonded to one another.

Sejal and Krunal newly married.

A photo from part of the ceremony.

Wedding Lunch, Dinner and reception:

After the wedding there was a very good lunch and then a well-needed break before the big celebration and reception in the evening.

Some of the Onega team and partners at the wedding reception dinner.

A photo from the big reception and party in the evening. Sejal was changed into a white wedding dress and Krunal wore a dinner suit and top hat - you can see the dancing in the centre of the picture here amongst the confetti.

We all wish Sejal and Krunal every happiness and all the very best for their future together.