High Speed Onsite Internet – V22 Orpington Priory Internet Access
V22 Studios tenant Notes

V22 have arranged with Onega Ltd to provide Internet access for tenants in the building to high speed wireless broadband.

Tenants contract directly with Onega for Internet Access and can be contacted at:

Ben Fitzgerald

Onega Ltd
Studio V, Container City Building,
Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, E14 0FN


Tel. 0207 536 6350

The Internet in the building is business grade and provided by connection to an Optical Fibre Internet link which provides plenty of bandwidth for current and foreseeable needs at a reasonable cost. Onega are responsible for provision of the building Internet Connection and distribution internally of the network to units primarily via wireless connectivity. The Internet link is supported such that if there is an external or internal fault this will be resolved and reasonable efforts are made (Onega are helpful) to help tenants connect and enjoy use of the Internet. The line where support stops is if it is diagnosed that there is a problem with one of your devices – ie if you have a computer with a failed wireless card or virus etc. then you would need to either make separate arrangements with Onega to cover this, or to call for the help of your regular organisational IT support / laptop manufacturer support etc).

Onega can also provide VOIP phones if this is something that you’d benefit from (useful to have a virtual company switchboard if you want to separate home and work or are a growing organisation) and these are not tied to location if you outgrow the Priory.

The Internet is a shared resource and there is a requirement for access of fair and legal use (ie don’t do illegal downloads etc. and be fair to your neighbours). As the Priory and library fill up there is a plan to upgrade the Internet up to Gigabit to accommodate more people in the building.

Core internet connectivity with a dedicated secure wi-fi network for you is currently priced at £25pm ex VAT with easy DD collection and including support. This is for a single unit organisation (up to a few people) who are likely to be the bulk of tenants and we’ll discuss your plans to Internet use and flag if there needs to be any variance on this.


Q. Can I install my own Internet?
A. You could but we’d need to approve this first and co-ordinate as there is a risk of new wiring interfering with current services so a wayleave would need to be issued by V22. Generally the cost of new line installations (including domestic grade) is also substantial in that you have line install costs as well as service costs, wiring and hardware so the shared connection is likely to also be best value for most people as we get an economy of scale on a business class service with this.

Q. I will need a lot of bandwidth for my New Media Company (or suchlike)
A. We should be able to accommodate that and if needs be can bring forward the planned uagrade of the network if you’ll need to do 4K video editing or other such heavy tasks on the connection.

Q. I have another question – who do I ask?
A. Call Ben at Onega on 0207 536 6350 and he’ll be happy to discuss any questions etc.