PAYG Support

Onega can provide support in a couple of different models. Many clients choose to take fully managed support, but we also provide Pay As You Go (time as billed) support for clients who only require reactive support on an ad-hoc basis.


Some Notes on How PAYG Support & Travel Time & Expenses Work:

Under PAYG Support, we charge for our time and expenses under a professional services model in helping you with any IT issues that you have.

If we are helping over the phone or remotely, then this will be just the time that we spend actively working on your issue or ticket.

If we need to come out onsite, our policy is that we charge for travel time and expenses for travel during the day. In line with standard practices, the first and last trip of the day - which would represent a 'normal commute' would not be chargeable thus. So if we are onsite for a day with you for support, as long as you are within roughly an hour's distance from Onega's offices in Docklands, then you'd not be charged for any travel time. As a rule of thumb, anywhere inside the M25 would generally be regarded as being part of a 'normal commute'.

We try to be fair on these things, and hopefully this strikes a good balance that is fair for all. If we are for example leaving job 1 and going to job 2 then we'd generally split the travel cost fairly so that no one is dis-advantaged.