Setting up a Thompson Speedtouch 536 / 546 ADSL router for Public Static IP
When configuring the new Thompson Speedtouch 546 ADSL modems for Public IP, here is what we need to do:

First set your laptop / PC to DHCP, connect an ethernet lead to the deivice & power up.

1) FTP to the device (default IP / depending on model) – Loging using u: ‘Administrator’ pw: blank. *** Note that you must first be in the directory with the downloaded file in (below) in order to be able to send the file!

2) Change to the / dl (short for download directory), set mode bin.

3) Upload the file PublicIP.tpl version 4 to your Speedtouch ADSL modem

5) Click on Speedtouch & Setup under ‘Pick a task’

6) Click Next, & select ‘Public IP’ template Option.

7) Click next & Choose UK ( 0.38 ) Settings for ADSL & PPOA

8) Click next & enter ADSL UserID & Password

9) Click Next & Enter IP Address of Router, and Public Subnet, Also choose ‘Public – Without NAT’ as the type.

10) Probably best if we choose to enable DHCP & enter the available IPs into the range boxes (might be best to leave the normal ‘firewall’ address out to avoid IP Conflicts.

11) Set same username & password same as ISP details

12) Click next & you’re done. – Note your IP connection might drop if you’re not already got one of the static subnets configured on your machine.

You may want to then turn off the firewall functionality in the router to allow for full static IP routing (for example if you have a Watchguard or other firewall behind the device).

As ever, if you are still having trouble or anything here is unclear - please do call the Onega helpdesk.