Some of our Clients:

Teddington Cheese - As the name suggests, Teddington Cheese is a small cheese shop based in Teddington, on the outskirts of London and in a wonderful riverside setting. Tony & Karen run the company, and supply all sorts of fine cheeses both locally and around the world.

Recently, when the Wallace and Grommit film 'The Curse of the Ware-Rabit' came out last year, it featured a cheese called Stinking Bishop, of which Wallace was particularly fond. If you search Google, for 'Stinking Bishop' you'll see that Teddington Cheese actually come back as the first link returned. When the film came out, there was a great deal of demand created for this cheese (which is produced in the UK by a small, specialist producer), and Teddington fielded many hundreds of enquiries as to availability of the cheese, and helped to keep the producers busy keeping up with orders. This is an example of unintended consequences, of which we find many in business - another example being the death of London fishmongers due to the fax. Film producers are often called to do product placement, where the vendor pays - in this case there was no consultation with the producer prior to launch.