Ben's page - a brief online CV to give you some ideas of what I've done and how I think etc.

Stanford-in-the-Vale Village School (Pam Ayres also went there but a little before me!) - Main memories are Big Track, Elizabeth Gold, 8mm film showings, and hearing difficulties.
St.Hughes - School Plays & Computer club
Cothill - Computer club, Satelite Reception from NOAA etc.
Millfield - School Paper, Selling computers and upgrades to the school etc.
Liverpool University - Computing and Business, walking into the wrong lectures sometimes, most valuable lessons - eg Streaming Media - look at what will be possible not what is possible now, meeting Nicola :-)

Where I've Worked:
Hatford Computer Consultancy
Clearwater Products
Mitsubushi Motors UK
Northern Territories University
RM PLC - Helpdesk and IFL helpdesk. VB Apps for Internet Performance Testing.
The Home Insurance Company (NY)
Reuters (training in Zurich)
Scudder Investment Management UK (formerly Zurich Investment Management UK)
Onega Ltd

Computers I've owned:

Sinclair Research ZX81
Acorn Electron
Amstrad PPC1640 (built in modem)
Psion II Model XP - OPL and Morse Tutor for A-Level Computing
386SX-25 PC (home built)
HM Minstrel CP/M Multi-Computer
Psion II Model LZ64
Cyrix 486DLC-40 Home built PC
Toshiba 8086 based laptop (traveled the world with this)
RM Laptop (in colour!)
RM M-Series 386 Computer
Amstrad MC100 Notepad Computer
Psion Series 5
Pentium 133 based PC
Psion Series 5 MX
Sony Laptop
Psion Series 7 (briefly)
Next Cube
Raspberry Pi
Fujitsu Desktop PC - Core 2 Duo
Fujitsu Amilo laptop
i7-760 (1st Gen I7 PC)
Fujitsu laptop
Fujitsu S760 i7 Laptop
Fujitsu HD i7 laptop with touchscreen)
Raspberry Pi
Current: i7 Skylake

Cars I've owned:

Family background of Saabs, Mitsubushis, and BMWs (many of each!)

MG Midget - 1.3L (1300CC) - Orange Two Door - great fun.
Morris Marina - 1.7L
Nissan Micro (D-Reg) - 1L
FSO-125 (Polish Built Fiat 125)
Lotus Europa - 1.6L
Smart Car - 599cc
Fiat Coupe - 2L Turbo
Saab 9-3 Estate - 1.9 TD

Desert Island Discs:

Pink Floyd - Wish you were here
Purple People Eater
Mary Black - Babes in the Wood
Talking Heads - True Stories
Leonard Cohen Live Songs
Edie Brickell & New Bohemians - What I Am
Joe Dolche - Shaddupa your face
Roy Orbison (inherited)
The Orb - Back to Mine.


Shooting (only what can be eaten)
Thinking / inventing / hacking (Member of London Hackspace)

Family History:



Staunch Communist (until the age of 7!)

Foresight - Things I asked:

Why can't you have an regenerative / electric car?
Drones common place
White LEDs
Ecommerce (on a ferry).
... the moral of this... teachers should encourage and don't take no for an answer.

Things we ask now:

Why is there not a single global government?