Acronis Cloud Backup

As part of our workstation / server backup solutions portfolio, Onega offer Acronis Cloud Backup. This installs on your computer(s) and then allows for direct backup to Arconis Data Centres.

Acronis Cloud is an off-site backup service, that allows you to upload your encrypted data to their UK based servers, ensuring that if anything were ever to happen to your computers, all your data would be safely backed up off-site.

In case of a drive failure, data loss or complete destruction of your computers we would be able to restore the data to a replacement drive or computer simply by downloading the backup image and restoring it to your new device.

Pricing is £35 per month which includes 120 Gbytes of cloud storage Quota. Additional storage is £0.29 per Gbyte for any storage in excess of this. All pricing ex VAT.

Backups are done on an incremental basis, making one full image of your drives and subsequently files which have changed since your backup job was last run. This allows us to access and restore information from specific points in recent history, letting us restore files that may have been deleted or edited at a point before the loss was discovered.

If you have any queries relating to this or need anything clarified further, please do get in touch via e-mail or phone and we will be happy to discuss.