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Onega Consulting is an independent IT Consultancy, whose aim is to provide a wide range of IT support services. Whilst Onega may be new, the team behind it has a history of successfully working together. Formerly, the Onega crew represented the IT department of a major city based institutional investment company. When the firm merged with another investment house, in December 1999, Onega was formed.

IT is often seen as a complicated area, with at times highly questionable benefits. This does not have to be the case! Over the last twenty years technology has revolutionised the way in which business takes place. In part, this is due to the effect technology has had on communications. Telephones, both mobile and fixed have proliferated, charges have gone down, reliability has improved furthermore the Internet has provided a previously unimaginable global forum for exchange of information, and e-mail has revolutionised the way in which written communications take place. However all of these are tools that facilitate easier communication.

The next logical step is to integrate our communication systems - i.e. PC and telephone. This enables us to bring our companies into the 21st Century. You can rely on Onega to make sure that your company is ahead of the competition and implement new technology, which can make your business more productive.

Onega is a member of Nominet, authorised to issue and administer .uk Internet domains as a service for our clients. Please note that all such registrations are subject to Nominet's Standard Terms & Conditions, which are available to see by clicking on this link:



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